The Bulgarian Training Bag is made of the highest quality tough leather, hand sewn and stuffed to perfection. This bag is flexible, durable and highly respected among the elite athletes in wrestling, Judo, and martial arts. The Bulgarian Training Bag is used by Olympic and World level athletes in Bulgaria and at the Olympic Training Centers in Marquette, Michigan and at the Olympic Training center in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

The Bulgarian Training Bag comes with the instructional DVD. This DVD provides demonstration of proper use on each exercise along with demo of intense training from the creator Ivan Ivanov.

Extra Small Bags (XS) are 11 lbs.

Small Bags (SM) are 17 lbs.

Medium Bags (MD) are 26 lbs.

Large Bags (LG) are 37 lbs.

Extra Large Bags (XL) are 50 lbs.


“The Bone” is designed to allow wrestlers to experience the proper position and feel that is necessary to execute techniques like the gut wrench for Greco Roman and crotch lift for Freestyle wrestling. Your wrestlers will have competitive fun, while developing excellent technique.

This dummy is a great piece of equipment for developing a strong grip, quick reaction, willpower, static strength and perfect drills for wrestling in parterre. The Bone makes the drills competitive and brings out the desire and fun while developing excellent technique. “The Bone" is exciting and the work outs are fun. Includes instructional DVD.

Extra Small Bones (XS) are 30-35 lbs.

Small Bones (SM) are 50-55 lbs.

Medium Bones (MD) are 60-65 lbs.

Large Bones (LG) are 78-85 lbs.

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