We have all heard the term before.

Regardless of your specific sport, VELOCITY is explosive movement.

And while many athletes ask, "Can I be explosive?"

What they really should be asking is, "Can I sustain explosive activity?"

That is what Velocity Maximum Training is all about...developing the body's ability to sustain velocity.

And whatever your goals, Velocity Maximum Training (VMT) is the perfect companion to any athletic discipline. Without VMT, you aren't reaching your body's true, complete potential.

So just how important is VMT?

VMT gives you the ability to push, pull, sprint, or punch...Harder! Faster! Longer!

  • VMT allows you to increase training intensity without endlessly increasing training volume.
  • VMT can even be your body's secret weapon for rapid fat-burning and dramatic body recomposition.

To put it another way...VMT is what's currently missing from YOUR training plan!

If you're an athlete, you need VMT for yourself.

And, if you're an athletic trainer or coach, you need VMT for your clients.

But now, for the very first time, you can get VMT!

Here's how...


If you are willing to invest $29.95, you will immediately be able to reap these rewards:

  • The how and the why that explains how VMT makes your body more efficient.
  • Learn to use "secret" isometric exercises to build explosive power.
  • How VMT can build killer strength endurance.
  • Teach your body to Grind & Go.
  • The special VMT exercises you perform at a biomechanical disadvantage for even greater gains.
  • How to put "snap" into your shoulders to make them almost injury-proof.
  • Absolutely cutting-edge Velocity exercises using gear you probably own already...cables, ropes, grippers, swipers, even weight plates.
  • Discover the secret of "Shaking"...a primal exercise straight from the animal kingdom.
  • Reach your true athletic potential.

Your Presenters

Jon Bruney

The exploits of World Record-holding strongman Jon Bruney have been immortalized in Ripley's Believe it or Not and shown nationwide on NBC's The Today Show. And thousands of people have personally experienced Jon's jaw-dropping "Pressing the Limits" motivational strength program.

A true renaissance man in the realm of strength-development, Jon Bruney is a world-class trainer, coach, motivational speaker, strongman, author, and pastor. Jon's work with competitive athletes includes Olympians and NFL players. He is the author of Foundations, a training series featured in MILO, widely considered the world's most prestigious strength training journal. As co-owner of Submit Strength Equipment, Jon has been responsible for the design of numerous pieces of cutting-edge training equipment now in use around the world. Jon is a veteran of numerous trainer certification courses and is a Cellucor-affiliated athlete.

Mike Gillette

Former SWAT Commander and Executive Bodyguard, Mike Gillette is a relentless student of physical and psychological performance optimization. His research and experiences have taken him through many different worlds and disciplines. They have ultimately produced a body of knowledge which has been put to use by clients ranging from armed professionals to ordinary people who must function at their peak during extraordinary circumstances.

Over the years, Mike has overcome catastrophic injury, earned black belts in multiple martial arts, and served as both a Police Academy Fitness Instructor and Physical Training Specialist for the Army National Guard. As a trainer for nearly 20 years, Mike has personally taught tens of thousands to perform beyond their expectations. Mike's current mission is sharing his self-improvement methods via speaking, teaching and the performance of extreme strength and endurance feats with The Strength Show.

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